Mountainbiking or hiking with Bon Baiskel

Discover Bonaire in a different way. Explore the middle of nature using a mountain bike or by hiking, and see places most tourists usually do not see. You will be surprised by what Bonaire has to offer to outdoor enthusiasts.

Tours of two to three hours are offered to beginners, as well as to more experienced bikers and hikers; 8-12 kilometers / 5-8 miles. The largest part of the tour we will try to stay off road, which means we will not be disturbed by motorised traffic. Hiking is almost always done off road, away from “busy” roads, in the middle of nature. We will ride or hike in small groups of maximum six people.

The best time to ride or hike is early in the morning or later in the afternoon. From 6.30 / 7 AM, until latest 10 AM, or from 4 PM until sunset (6-7 PM.


Per person $40 when at least 2 people participate. Private tour $75.
Rental MTB $20.
It may also be possible to rent an electrical MTB; on request.

It is advised to wear good hiking- or sport shoes! Please contact me for more information via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can discuss your wishes to customise the tours.

Kind regards,

Paul Berezinski, Bon Baiskel.